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Analia, a story made in darkness, by a determined woman’s Cancer journey, resulting in a brand that speaks of joy & hope and is the founders love letter to survival.Analia the label, a new Australian Contemporary Women’s ready to wear brand, launching for Spring 2023 will see its debut at the prestigious Brisbane Fashion Festival in the Hancock Prospecting Next Gen Group show on August 23.The brand has been 3 years in the making for founder & designer Emma Stewart, who has a 20-year history working in the Australian Fashion Industry.

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Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Light, grace
Analia is a girl’s name of Spanish origin. It is an elegant combination of the names Ana and Lucía, which translate to “grace” and “light” respectively. This contemporary blend serves as a reminder to stay balanced and gracious throughout the ebb and flow of life.Analia is a community of likeminded women, who align themselves with values of living a life of creativity, travel, passion, authenticity JOY.

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