Resort 2024 Collection 2 - Summer Romance

Drop 1 available December 15


A boutique speciality brand that focuses on luxury natural fabrications mixed back with a clash of prints and textured dead stock fabrics, that evoke the emotion of play, exploring the world between vintage and contemporary. Each season taking you on a journey of exploration into the ANALIA fantasy, a story that pushes the boundaries of daywear in an eccentric mix of comfort meets ART

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New season dresses

Shop Collection 1 - WILDFLOWER


Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Light, grace
Analia is a girl’s name of Spanish origin. It is an elegant combination of the names Ana and Lucía, which translate to “grace” and “light” respectively. This contemporary blend serves as a reminder to stay balanced and gracious throughout the ebb and flow of life.Analia is a community of likeminded women, who align themselves with values of living a life of creativity, travel, passion, authenticity JOY.

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