Analia, a story made in darkness, a determined woman’s therapy resulting in a collection that speaks of the time and is the founders love letter to survival. Analia the label, a new Australian Women’s fashion brand, launching for Spring 2023 will see its debut in over 20 independent boutiques across Australia & NZ on August 1st. The brand has been 3 years in the making for founder & designer EMMA STEWART who has a 20-year history working with some of the greatest names and brands in Aussie Fashion. What started out as sketching beautiful dresses as a form of art therapy to overcome life altering treatment for advanced stage 3c Bowel Cancer, Emma with the help of some of her favourite talents from years gone by, birthed - ANALIA. From darkness to great hope, a personal love story of passion, and a reason to keep fighting, to never say no and to never giving up on finding inner peace is the essence of our feel-good story. For Emma, her brand concept is simple… beautiful fabrications with unique natural textures that are breathable, lightweight, comfortable, functional and most importantly make YOU feel beautiful, at any age are at the core of the brands DNA.


The Biography
Emma Stewart’s career spans 2 decades, born in Melbourne her career was based predominately in Melbourne, Sydney and London where she absorbed everything city living has to offer. Art, music, theatre, laneways, culture, food and wine, feed her soul and she drew inspiration for life from life itself. It was all the excitement that added to Emma’s larger-than-life personality and her experiences that lead to her love affair with fashion, especially Australian fashion. Emma started her career in fashion hand sewing costumes for stage, tv & theatre, and made a name for herself in the art world because of her talent. She went on to work in fashion retail before securing a role with NOBODY Denim that cemented her as a stalwart in fashion, under the mentorship of Wesley Stuart Hartwell. After 7 years with Nobody Denim, Emma started a showroom importing, selling and marketing brands from UK and Europe, working with Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, David Jones, Myer, The Iconic and boutique retailers in Australia and the UK. Traveling back and forth between Australia, the US and Europe, Emma was constantly on the go, but her diagnosis slowed her down and since then has found a peaceful life, a slower paced life in Queensland, where she has focused on herself, her treatment and on the development of ANALIA. “I feel in love with life again from creating Analia. Playing with fabric, prints and colour excites me, it reminds me of my childhood, of my grandmother, who made exquisite and very detailed Victoriana dresses. As a child I would spend my days playing and creating in bags and bags of beautiful fabric, lost in a world of colour, texture and beauty.” Emma now spearheads her life altering brand and is ready to see her designs brought to life and give joy, adventure and cherished memories to women around the world.

The Production Process

Designed in the beautiful and healing Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia, the majority of our pieces are then crafted in China with a team of women who Emma has worked with over her many years working in the fashion industry. With a focus on producing responsibly, production runs are carefully sized to avoid excess, and technician working arrangements are vetted to ensure employees experience a comfortable, safe and respectful working environment.

We have been working closely with our valued production teams, mostly family-owned and run businesses. We visit our production teams in the Guangzhou Province of China when we can, to work together on developing new designs and overseeing the production process. Their expert craftsmanship, dedication to premium quality and attention to detail is critical to us building our collections, and we hope you get an opportunity to experience their work.

It is in these nurtured business relationships where Emma spent many years working in the fashion industry, developing long lasting relationships, built on trust, integrity, quality and mutual respect. Working together to create a brand that we can truly be proud of, knowing that we are doing everything in our power to give you the very best quality, value for money, respect for our planet and the people we work with. Our Analia family was created on years of working together in our beloved fashion industry.

The Earth

Analia loves our beautiful planet, so we have chosen 100% Australian owned & made Heapsgood Packaging to pack your special purchases. The Ecomailer & Ecolabels are 100% home compostable, water-resistant and durable. Fully biodegradable packaging, breaking down without any harmful micro-plastics or residues. The thrill of receiving your special Analia outfit will not be soured by having to throw all the packaging into general waste. You can simply open, smile with JOY, and toss the package to the worms. And we even print the shipping labels with the inkless thermal printer, so we won't be adding any ink cartridges to landfill. We love that Heapsgood Packaging plant a tree every time we stock up! Just doing our little bit to reduce our footprint on this beautiful planet of ours. We may be little, but our hearts are big, and we forever will search for more ways we can improve our practices to protect planet Earth.

“Colour & texture never scared me! A good classic men’s suit makes me feel powerful and enchanting, a well-constructed dress can make me feel incredibly special, vulnerable, beautiful! Over the last 3 years I have filled my desire to LIVE by creating a collection inspired by LIFE… an autobiography so to speak of all the travels, inspirations, and happiest moments of my life, where I felt bold, ALIVE. Moments of romance and whimsy play out in my drawings, and it is these designs that have helped me navigate the long and dark road of Cancer treatment.”